Top 10 uses for dental floss (besides, of course, flossing your teeth!)

1. Slice food: Next time you pack your lunch leave your knife at home and pack your floss (and you’ll have it ready to floss after lunch is over)! Things like avocado, hard boiled eggs, block cheese, watermelon, and cake are easily sliced with floss.

2. Sew something: No thread? No problem! Matching your floss might be a littler trickier than thread, but it can easily be threaded through a needle and used to replace a button or two.

3. Lace your shoes: Broken shoelace? Grab the dental floss out of your bag (you’ve got it with you, right?) and replace that lace. It’s not a permanent fix, but it will keep your shoe on in a pinch.

4. Cooling cookies: Freshly baked cookies are hard to remove from the baking sheet without losing a few. Just slide some floss under the cookies to separate from the baking sheet, and slide onto a plate to cool faster.

5. Ultimate camping companion: Be like MacGyver on your next camping trip! Waxed dental floss can be used to start a fire, string snacks like popcorn or pretzels around your neck for a hike, or used as fishing line to catch your dinner.

6. Pull a loose tooth: Ready for the Tooth Fairy to arrive, but that baby tooth hasn’t completely wiggled out yet? Just tie some floss around the tooth and give it a tug!

7. Fix your glasses: Lost one of those tiny screws? Until you get the screw replaced thread a little floss through and tie it in a knot.

8. Separate old photos: Sifting through old family photos and have a few stuck together? Just pull out your trusty dental floss and slide between the photos to gently separate them.

9. Decorate your home: String up popcorn for Christmas, hang photos, or string up an area to clip your child’s artwork with your floss.

10. Lock up your luggage: Before you head out on your next trip, tie the zippers together with dental floss to prevent an accidental opening when you least expect it!